Mbele expands maize production with FarmSol boost

In celebration of Youth Month, we feature some of the rising farm stars participating in the FarmSol Youth Ambassador programme. Every Friday, we will introduce you to a different young farmer who has grown their enterprises with the help of the prestigious farmer development programme. This week, we travel to the Free State to meet Benjamin Mbele.

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FarmSol celebrates increase in profitable farmers

As Mzansi braces itself for another possible ban on alcohol sales, FarmSol reports a rise in the number of profitable farmers on their books. The agricultural development organisation says their total pay-out increased from R16.5 million in 2019 to R19.5 million in 2020.

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Farmer support that makes a real difference

FarmSol partners with South African Breweries to support smallholder grain farmers across eight provinces in South Africa. Aron Kole, managing director of FarmSol, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his company’s history and aims, as well as his personal journey in agriculture.
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Converting productivity into profitability

Smallholder farmers are a growing force in the agricultural industry, despite lacking access to key and critical resources – as the demand for food demand is expected to double by 2050 when South African agriculture will have to provide food security for about 73 million people (according to WWF-SA).

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Meet the FarmSol Youth Ambassador

Twenty-four year old Njabulo Mbokane is not about to rest on her laurels and bask in the glory of her 2019 SAB-FarmSol Young Emerging Farmer of the Year title. As FarmSol Youth Ambassador, she is taking on a new challenge that is close to her heart.

Fall Army Worm identification guide

Incorrect identification of the fall army worm (Spodoptera Frugiperda), as well as incorrect reporting of feeding on uncommon hosts, are usually due to the lack of good visual reference material. This presentation by The Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries aims to address this shortcoming, and it is hoped that the information and visuals contained herein will assist workers in the field to improve their ability to do preliminary identifications, not only of the fall army worm, but also identifications of other common caterpillars on crops in South Africa.

FarmSol invests in youth and women farmers

Experts have warned that food security could face severe challenges by 2050, when South Africa is expected to have a population of 73 million, requiring double the current production capacity. FarmSol, a black-owned agricultural services company and an implementation partner to the South African Breweries (SAB) farmer development programme, in response to this, plans to attract and empower more young farmers through its national programme.

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Taking farmer development to new markets

Managing director at Farmsol, Aron Kole spoke to Nickolaus Bauer on Farmsol together with SAB, developing a new market that will assist future fit smallholder farmers with necessary skills to help with the agricultural development in South Africa.

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Cultivating new futures

FarmSol MD, Aron Kole, says, the development of emerging farmers should be seen not only as a national project, but as an initiative extending far beyond a government transformation objective.

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Malting Barley: SAB emerging farmer programme

The severe drought – hit South Africa over some years has not only had a direct impact on farmer profitability and the ability of farmers to service their production loans resulting in carry-over debts; has also made it difficult for banks to advance input loan assistance to farmers in subsequent years.

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