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Farming in South Africa
Farming in South Africa
Farmers in South Africa

Seeding the future

Restoring a society begins in restoring its farmers. Not just to the land, but to their futures. When we help someone achieve their dream of becoming a farmer, we are committing to so much more than just arranging a profession or a plot of land to be cultivated. We are seeding the future. That’s because a farm isn’t just a business one starts, or simply sells. It’s a long-term, multi-generational investment. What we are cultivating is an assured future for that farmer’s family, for generations to come. Now, that’s real progress!

At FarmSol, we see ourselves as farmers of farmers, cultivating futures in farming. We believe that restoring any society begins in restoring the farmer. Not just to the land, but to his or her future.

FarmSol will always be there for the little guy. With one foot on the farm and one foot in the boardroom, FarmSol transcends traditional boundaries linking both spectrums of the supply chain; “Customer & Supplier”. We can get our hands dirty working the soil as easily as we can clean up as a corporate.

Our Growth Focus

To the farmer
To the emerging farmer…

…we are a trusted partner and mentor. A much-needed benefactor through our knowledge, skills, and connections.

To the multinational…
…we are the rare social and developmental agency that they can trust. A much-needed facilitator enabling them to source reliable supply of high-quality raw materials from emerging farmers.
To the industry
To the industry...

…we sincerely hope to become the model example, to drive sustained and single-minded progress, through farmer development and agricultural development.

Our goal is to enable emerging farmers to farm sustainably, while leaving a social footprint of inclusive growth, skills development and job creation.

It’s all about long-term upliftment and impact. And with over 982 emerging farmers already seeded across nine provinces, FarmSol continues to be a rare and visionary success.

And finally, our mission in action, to print one million footsteps of emerging farmers names in food and beverage consumer brands accross Africa.

Our Core Beliefs

Our beliefs are built on meaningful progress, from prospective to prosperous, from emerging to thriving.


We are always better together

Customer Centricity

We serve our clients with dedication, integrity and pride


 We take ownership of our actions


We push boundaries and thrive in an environment of complexity and change


We are ethical in how we lead and manage


We are forthright in our approach and create honest relationships

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Our Objectives

Our objectives are built on meaningful progress, from prospective to prosperous, from emerging to thriving.

Our Clients

The heart of our business

  • We only accept clients who share our vision and meet our eligibility criteria
  • We are transparent in our business dealings and our client partnerships
  • We make use of client segmentation to ensure we address specific farming challenges
  • We conduct annual client satisfaction surveys to maintain shared perspectives
  • We focus on farmer profitability and reduce the cost of doing business for our clients

Our Values

Our organisational cultures

  • Collaborative: We seek help and reach out to each other. We’re always better together
  • Accountable: We take ownership of our actions
  • Respectful: We are forthright in our approach and create honest relationships
  • Proactive: We push boundaries and thrive in a climate of complexity and change
  • Dependable: We strive to find a better way forward and are always available when needed
  • Service-centred: We serve our clients with dedication, integrity and pride

      Our Market

      Our strategic engagement

      • We actively reinforce our value proposition
      • We maintain a balance between our social and growth agenda
      • We engage extensively with our stakeholders through various industry platforms
      • We strive continuously to build and exemplify our brand

      Our Operations

      Our efficiency drive

      • We simplify internal policies and procedures to drive efficiency
      • We continuously acquire and update data to benefit our clients
      • We ensure our clients are compliant with all compulsory legislation
      • We make use of state-of-the-art technologies to drive traceability
      • We provide business intelligence and client profiling
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