Women in Agriculture

FarmSol realises the importance of empowering female farmers. Since its inception in 2016, FarmSol in partnering with South African Breweries have supported 397 female farmers, with the number of female participants growing annually.

The programme seeks to increase economic inclusion for Black women farmers, including youth, people living with disabilities, in local economies with a primary focus on providing expansion capital resources to farming cooperatives and individuals.

Women in agriculture project
Household food security Project at Farmsol

Household Food Security

In partnership with FarmSol, South African Breweries supports more than 426 smallholder farmers as part of subsistance to abundance production with mentorship and production input subsidy support in the Eastern Cape province.

Go Farming

In an effort to uplift, mentor and train emerging farmers, the Go Farming programme has provided support to over 982 smallholder farmers across South Africa.

Planting over 53 000 hectares of South African staple crops such as maize, barley, sunflower, and groundnuts the – Go Farming – programme in partnership with ABInBev aims to put emerging farmers at the centre of sustainable development growth in farming.

Farmsol emerging farmers project
Farmsol Mechanisation project


Not having access to mechanisation and latest technology should not be a barrier to entry for new farmers. There are other proven traditional ways to gain access, through for example, pooling of resources to buy equipment and then sharing it between a group of farmers or a farmer renting it with or without service to gain the maximum financial benefit from the equipment.

Through collaborations to complement its mechanisation division, FarmSol partner’s with industry stakeholders, to unlock opportunities that increase access to the latest available technology and mechanisation.

FarmSol Youth Ambassador Programme

With an average age of over sixty years, established farmers play a major role in ensuring food security in South Africa. It is, however, time that we bring the youth onboard for a fresh perspective and new approach towards the future.

In 2020 FarmSol launched a youth ambassador desk which aims to provide much needed inspiration and support to young aspirant farmers, especially black and female. This could be a long and lonely road but if travelled together with industry partners, success that guarantees our futures and those of generations to come is assured.

Farmsol youth ambassadors
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