Food Security: Emerging Farmers are Part of the Solution.

To address food insecurity, a collaborative approach is needed, with everyone from farmers to industry stakeholders, and banks playing their individual roles in making this a success. Steps should be taken to ensure farmers – irrespective of the size of their farms are able to access nances, resources and technologies to farm competitively.

The Golden Rule: Develop with the changing times

Despite the challenges that farming may bring there is nothing else that 61-year-old farming mentor Barend “Barry” Nel would rather do than to be in the open air with muddied boots, working the soil. He believes that farming is in his genes, and he promises that he would never desert it, even if he was offered an office job in the City of Gold.

After more than 40 years’ experience in farming, Nel made it his mission to mentor farmers across the country for the sake of food security.
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To A Bright(er) 2022

We are fast approaching the end of another challenging year which was defined by the Covid-19 pandemic in all aspects of life and work. It would be an understatement to say, that most people are hoping for a better and brighter new year!
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